Aquarius in Love

Aquarians in love fancy themselves as being fantastically easy to please. After all, they desire only best friendship, euphoric romance, mental rapport, and craven worship.

Yes, they need to be doted upon by a Svengali or muse-style character who allows them space when required. Their partner must also be enough of an official catch to ease secret Aquarian fears of not being cool enough.

Unfortunately, Aquarians can’t often conceptualise the conflict between their varying needs.

They demand the freedom to act like someone in a cheap perfume advertisement when the mood takes them. But they must have a cozy childhood-scar-healing and genius-respecting home base. The Aquarian’s partner should behave supportively and with total dignity at all times. Or else.

The Aquarian is obviously free to stain the bathroom forever during a henna-dabbling frenzy, drink Pernod alone in the studywhile composing unreadable stream-of consciousness crap, or screech about how their brilliance is always being undermined by societal demands. Aquarians do have trouble finding that elusive soul mate.

Ideally, the Aquarius learns how to fake some semblance of normal human emotion, acts vaguely like an earthling and lures in a geniusnurturing partner. And that, so far as Aquarians are concerned, is often that. But they are always astounded at how much care and attention a relationship demands.

Many of them can’t help comparing their love affair to their house plant or budgerigar and wondering why it can’t be as simple in its needs. Yes, the little things one does for love can be very irksome indeed to an Aquarian.

And, before you know it, they are lurching around pontificating about what a bourgeois notion commitment is. Once they have their soul mate, the Aquarian is very loyal and never ever dull.