Leo in Love

Lusty, romantic, and requiring to be lavished in athletic devotion, the Leo libido is legendary. They are totally unafraid to honor their emotions. And, unlike certain other signs, they won’t do so foolishly, such as phoning only to hang up when the object of desire answers.

Leos believe in saying certain things with flowers, scent, movie premiere tickets—whatever it takes. Is romantic love the “mystic flower of the soul” as postulated by psychologist Carl Jung? Or is it a stupid Darwinian social
construct designed to keep the Leo libido from full bloom?

Leos can have problems deciding but they are keen on the rules of attraction.

They never tire of hair flicks, cute banter, or the sultry gaze held for just a heartbeat too long. Leos are often inordinately proud of their seductive powers and take sexual performance extremely seriously. It really is a performance and they are aware of an invisible audience. Memo to Leo: Mirrors in which one can see oneself from the bed are bad feng shui.

In love with love, Leos can wind up in the “date, mate, and hate school” of relationship management. When confiding their romantic history to a new lover—”I’ve never felt this way before”—the Leo can’t decide between denouncing ex-lovers as insignificant slime or bolstering
them up as an ego boost.

For an idea of the Leo relationship from heaven, watch any of the classic movies in the series that began with the 1934 classic The Thin Man. Leo actors Myrna Loy and William Powell play Nora and Nick Charles, a Dashiell Hammett-created, crime solving husband-and-wife team.

They are a mega glam duo who live in an amazing apartment, holiday in exotic locations, drink beautiful cocktails at amazing clubs, and emit an endless bubbling stream of sexy banter.

In real life, Leo has to accept that their partner may not always live up to the leonine ideal. Leos think an inch of regrowth is symptomatic of deep self neglect. Failure to notice when they have had the hem taken up on their trousers means you have fallen out of love with them and they are justified in a revenge affair. They should, obviously, try and look a little below the surface.