Libra in Love

Few Librans are ever single for an appreciable length of time. This is partly because they are so attractive but also because they will take anyone to avoid being on their own.

What to do if love starts to fade? Hating to be on the hop, they usually have their next relationship warming up and raring to go as the previous one dwindles. Not that the official partner of a Libran will necessarily know anything about this at the time.

As Brigitte Bardot pointed out, “it is better to be unfaithful than faithful without wanting to be.” Actress Susan Sarandon says she likes “in the moment, constant commitment.”

When in love, that is, all the time ideally, Libra likes a highly charged level of erotic and romantic excitement.

Too much chitchat about business, family, and tax sends Libra gliding off toward wherever the moonlit gardenias and tender frivolity await.

Ivan Pavlov, the Libran shrink, trained his dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell because they expected food. Librans can think of themselves as Pavlov with the lover as a version of Pavlov’s dog. The bell is the Libran coo, causing the dog to salivate, ready to obey the whim of steel.

Other Librans see the lover as a mirror, reflecting back the Libra in a rosy halo. If you love something, set it free. Librans think that’s sloppy thinking. They prefer, “if you love something, take it on holiday, buy it expensive gifts, and make expert, artful love.”

Even the most happily coupled Libran still considers it good fun to make someone get a huge crush on them. The Libran may never intend to do a thing about it. They can exist for ages on the yearning and the love vibe radiating from the other.

Their love of love does not necessarily make them the ultimate platonic friend. They can be off the radar screen for months, devoted to the lover… only to re-emerge in a scented haze of gush, wanting to go to a discreet bar, to discuss our Libra’s so-complicated love life, you understand.