Scorpio in Love

Intimacy issues? Bedroom politics? The sex-money nexus? Hello? Scorp will go there. Because Scorp is a “Fixed” Water sign, many of their emotional fluctuations take the form of underwater currents, not visible on the surface. Scorpio spouses need storm warnings.

Scorpios know how to make someone feel mega-good about their sexuality and how to make someone feel very, very bad about their sexuality. The balance of power in a relationship is so incredibly important to Scorpios that they can indulge in megalomania without even knowing it.

They will cheerily initiate a zero-tolerance policy without a second thought.

If accused, they say, of course, “Me? Manipulative? But I’m so direct.” Never mind their ploys of getting the friends of their partner on side, mysteriously going off sex for a month when the other party disagrees with something Scorp says, and those subtle digs at someone’s potency or lack thereof.

And don’t mention their tendency toward emotional blackmailing and/or undermining of their partner’s selfesteem so they feel nobody but Scorp is ever going to love them again.

One thing Scorpio people do in a relationship is provide their partner with stacks of sex. If they’ve displeased them, however, Scorp brings out the hairbrush or whatever other punishment implement they’re currently into. But a Scorpio will go all night in an effort to please their lover… whatever it takes.

As the official most highly sexed sign of the zodiac, Scorps have needs—lots of needs, constantly. But Scorpios can be completely celibate for years. They can even be frigid yet still be obsessed with sex. Scorpios like to love deeply or not at all.