Taurus in Love

Taureans have fantastic long-term lover potential—age doesn’t weary them and familiarity turns them on. Taurus represents a robust libido and a kind heart, looking toward an enduring romance of equals.

So why, when their key requirements include someone who is socially acceptable and sane, do they so often attract such idiots?

How can someone who values the serene life keep getting it on with sexy hysterical types? Is it that they subconsciously need someone to act out their repressed inner chaos? Remember, Taureans truly believe that chaos is only a theory.

Ideally, they grow out of dependence on dysfunctional relationships and wind up in something beautiful.

There is enough angst in the relationship to stoke the bovine libido but it is sufficiently peaceful for quality time with a lover on the couch. The nightmare scenario is a nonstop dynamic involving Taurus as the straight, parental figure mopping up smashed absinthe bottles, ministering to a damaged diva ego, and cringing at yet another scene in a suburban car park.

Stubborn to the nth degree and hearing selectively, Cow People can pursue the most incompatible partner, hoping to lure devious Libra via business credentials or trying to jinx the heart of jittery Gemini with a home cooked dinner spell.