Virgo in Love

A Virgo in love can be a Virgo in denial, postponing bliss until the physique is chic, split ends mended, and the house more in line with the invisible Virgo ideal. Virgo is the most discriminating sign of all but, guess what?

They give themselves a break when it comes to their own love life. They like the idea of providing form and function for an alleged creative genius or person with issues. Then Virgo bitches about being an unpaid muse, typist, and money lender.

It’s almost as if Virgo knows that the only chance they get to break out of their reputation for being
a fussbudget is to have a torrid and dysfunctional love affair.

Ideally, they need someone who shares their values and enjoys correctional motivation. Like cousin Gemini, Virgo can lack intimacy skills but makes up for it in the sensuality stakes. These folk are known as the closet kink artistes of the zodiac.

So long as nobody minds them leaping out of bed to change the sheets after sex, they are renowned for bedwork skills. It’s the “us” chats which cause them the most concern.

Virgo’s partner: I am so bitter and yet feel so lost and alienated from you. I really want you to… Virgo: That’s interesting. I was just reading this incredible magazine article about modern marriage by that author, you know, who also wrote the piece on the Sufi religion and… Virgos are not often romantic in the cliched flowers, scent, and chocolates sense.

They think that sort of behavior is more suited to guilty adulterers and the like. Virgo prefers thoughtful small gestures like remembering the book someone was reading so they can ask how it was, leaving the toilet pristine and refraining from nitpicking if their partner is on the phone.

Unlike the secret planner of other star signs, the Virgoan version is not about the Virgo. It’s more of a comprehensive database listing every single transgression of their partner. Once they find their soul mate and are happy, Virgos are the (secret) best catch of the zodiac.