Mars by Sign

Mars is how you Get It On in life.

This signifies your level of lust, ambition, assertive powers and sheer life force. Mars is fighting spirit, the guts to get up and have another go, lust… Your Mars is your manhood, yes even if you are a chick. If you are a heterosexual woman or a gay man, Mars is also totally the men you’re drawn to… even if you’d really rather not be.


Alpha, jock esque vibes, and insanely competitive. Genuinely brave, and a defender of the weak. Easily moved by cheesy old sporting slogans and/or reminders of past sporting triumphs. Terrified of emotions which they can deep “hysterical”. Win them over by appearing seemingly unruffled by anything and having a nice line in sucky flattery. In bed: Straightforward. Gets the job done fast. Sometimes can be stuck back in the dimension of high school sexuality.


No matter how wild they may attempt to seem, this person is ape for longevity and loyalty. Don’t bother trying to wrestle them from any situation they’re stuck in, even if it is a rut and they know it. Totally bats for textural sensuality (high-thread-count sheets, your soft skin, the feel of an unbelievably comfy couch) and an enthusiast of body shapes of all types and sizes. In bed: A tad Lazy but can keep going for yonks.


Strike a spark with Mars in Gemini and prep to develop your own cute little in-jokes real fast. Nobody gets you like them, and their ability to develop rapport is legendary. Flirting is a sport to Mars in Gemini and like the most sociopathic of sporting champions; they can go over the top. Their weakness? Lovers who are already taken. Lure them via wordplay, jokes, info and gossip. In bed: Tends to be well hung but with sexual A.D.H.D.


Don’t be “mothery” even if it’s just lectured ranting re their vitamins. There is only one mother for this person and they most likely have got a complex re her. DO take advantage of how adept they are at emotions. Think: depth perception. Seduction via cooking him old-school food and/or discussing ancestral lines works. In bed: Think amazing body & diabolically genius kissing but can be a bit pass-agg re what they actually want.


Mars in Leo likes to stride into any room and be the immediate centre of not only attention but also actual gravity. Yes to the gigantic ego but yes also to the power of this insane charisma. If aliens attack, Mars in Leo will bung on a flying helmet and go off to defend Earth, reading the instructions on the way up into the stratosphere. In bed: they like to watch… themselves. Look out for the sex tape scenario. Take pics – send later.


No way would Mars in Virgo admit it but they are crazy-bats fussy. Drop an “h” or mispronounce a word or perpetrate clearly ill sourced news/gossip and they will wilt. Mars in Virgo is astonishingly observant and notices everything. This has advantages (e.g. recalling your fave author/ birthday) but also clear irk potential. They’ve got a mad work ethic but need help coming down from it. Likes lovers clean & informed, and – In bed: total closet kink genius.


Mars in Libra channels all their cunning and drive into getting the good life. When it comes to love and or/sex this person is about the accessories (you can leave your hat on sort of thing… and the handcuffs etc.) and being dominated. BUT nothing revolting, or vulgar. It’s all about the mood. Mars in Libra is a snob… so yes; they’d love it if you had some status indicator on your undies or vibrator. In bed: Exquisitely adept and nuance aware.


You can safely assume they are sex-obsessed and (assuming that practice makes perfect) really good in the sack. Mars in Scorpio operates on a limbic level of sexuality, loathes tricks and is one of the few ones who actually prefer the straightforward approach from a love interest. You get them by just being super-yourself, making blunt statements (even if they’re lies) and smelling of pheromones. In bed: Intense, hyperbolic and primal.


Mars in Sag vibes like the wandering bard or a honeybee that flits from flower to flower, loving the scent of the tuberose but then suddenly distracted by the glow of a petunia to the right. Forever on a quest, to get them, you’re either a fellow traveller or not giving a damn when they come, go and come again. Get them via “never- complain- never-explain’ & being exotic. In bed: Bed? Doesn’t like doing it in boring old bed.


Megatronic Mars – Mars is exalted in Capricorn. This is the slightly sociopathic tremendously effective lover, business-oriented champion. Sex is a performance sport and they like to win. Mars in Cap has no scruples about paying for what they want and like to be the one in pursuit – Chase them and it’s off. Their type is totally gym or yoga-honed. Compulsive-obsessive type and has to be the boss in and out of bed.


This person has a spontaneity fetish and then some. Idealistic about polyamory, nudist communes and fluid sexuality, they’re capable of erratic sexual conduct, seductions at short notice and taking all their clothes off to signal the start of some sort of “relationship.” Seduce by out-weirding them if you can. They are the one most likely to have an eclectic smut collection, and In bed: Extremely open-minded, talky & experimental.


Your go-to for tantric sex, hearing your name and said during the deed, googly eye contact and possibly even the spouting of poetry. But, not your one if you crave to be the ‘Only One’. Mars in Pisces worships beauty in myriad forms and tends not to limit themselves by honouring bourgeois fidelity and “ownership” paradigms. Seduce by coming on strong and then being absent. They love the tease. In bed? – Passive

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