Venus by Sign

Venus aka Inanna/ Aphrodite/Freya is always the brightest star in any sky.

She is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Art, Money, Sexual Attraction and Pure Sensual Humanity.She signifies your allure and pulling power, how you act when you’re smitten.

If you are a man, Venus is your Anima, your Inner Woman. If you’re prone to falling in love or lust with females, your Venus sign is Your Type… like it or not. For example, a man with Venus in Kataka? He is a boob man. So see here for her secret foibles.


Venus in Aries has to be the Alpha in any pack. Turned on by competition, the idea of rivals and the thrill of the chase. Brazen In love or lust, but completely unsubtle. Though they’d never admit to it, Venus in Aries thinks rather too much fuss is made about sex and that it should just be pure and uncomplicated, like animals mating. Terrified of dishonesty, they are totally turned off by any form of deceit.


Venus in Taurus has a robust appetite for basically everything and a particular fondness for oral gratification. This is the Venus most likely to resemble an odalisque of olden times, reclining on some chaise lounge and renowned for beauty, sensuality and lovemaking skills. They see the whole thing as a banquet, complete with lavish preparations and time being taken. Don’t rush them, or diss their body beautiful.


It’s weird but Venus in Gemini likes to tinkle and jingle as they walk. Fidgety and would be thrilled with a fan from which to peek out and conduct extraordinary flirtations. Because they are so adept at flirting with practically everyone, Venus in Gemini is often caught up on tricky situations in which someone thought they were signaling a sexual interest that does not exist. Seduce via jokes, gossip and being fabulously amusing.


This is the Venus of the breasts-fixation, their own and those of others. This is also the sign most likely to be bi-curious even if officially hetero and loves to admire the beauty of her fellow people. If not feeling understood emotionally (which is not always easy) they shut right down. Venus in Cancer is the one most likely to withhold sex in order to get what they desire and yet also the most compassionate lover of all. Seduce them by being a rapt listener.


This is Venus as a Diva – confident, in power, and willing to put an enormous amount of effort into all things Venusian. Venus in Leo loves all that is feminine and is never so happy as when in full regalia, being admired by fans and would-be lovers. Venus in Leo likes to be blatantly adored, sent flowers and complimented as if the world would stop turning on its axis were they not to be non-stop engorged with flattery.


Venus in Virgo is prone to bouts of self-hatred and simply will not have sex no matter how brilliant the opportunity— if feeling body conscious. It’s like they are a cat and won’t go ‘on heat’ unless there is a dimension of perfection. Easily turned off by details such as a chipped nail varnish or split ends – If you can actually get them into the bed (since obviously they are extremely picky) you’ll see a morph from Madonna mode to genius whore real fast.


Libra is one of the signs ruled by Venus so you can count on them to be well up with the latest wisdom on relationships, their own needs and to be basically enthused about the very act of having a relationship. Venus in Libra a beauty addict easily turned on by simple, basic hotness. Seduce by smelling incredible and/or gifting them stunning rare scents, candles etc., fragrant bed sheets and never ever being vulgar.


Voodoo Venus – here we have the tantric sex or Kundalini Yoga adept, blended with chic fetishist to produce someone who is very clear re – their desires. The Venus in Scorpio needs are so renowned that they are most often found in a relationship, all the better so as to ensure regular satisfaction. Sans sex on a regular basis Venus in Scorpio goes bats & not in a good-way. How to win their heart? Be experimental, fearless, up for it.


Even apart from having 1000 close friends on Facebook, Venus in Saggo has a few spare lovers tucked away in different bits of the world. They may not intend to act on the attraction anytime soon but they’re there all right. This person values in-the-moment spontaneous intimacy and is a sucker for an accent, exotic locale that you are literally about to return to, and/or your billion frequent flyer points. Turn-ons: sex on the beach. Tan oil.


Venus in Cap is the classic no p.d.a (public displays of affection) type A high achiever, in structural designer gear but without pants. If not for real, then certainly in their fantasies. Venus in Capricorn may enjoy fantasizing about getting it on with the help or visualize being the ‘lower’ to some lord type a la Gothic bodice-ripper novel, but in real life, they are hard-wired to only mate with successful people with strong prospects or actual wealth.


Brace for a pyrotechnic display of fabulous sexual technique but a potentially sociopathic style of relating. It’s not personal—it’s just that Venus in Aqua IS so good at sex because they like to detach. It’s an intellectual exercise. Seduce them by being insanely loyal but very rarely actually in-their-face or even in the same city. This is the Venus sign most likely to demand a high degree of novelty in everyday sex life.


Venus is exalted in Pisces and it shows. This is a person with amazing allure and willingness to morph into whatever they think their partner desires. Secretly super-cunning, Venus in Pisces manages to radiate a guileless vibe with just a hint of an old-school courtesan. Their weakness: Prone to impossible crushes that they channel all their Qi into, ignoring the more available prospects at hand. Seduce via being strong, but not controlling.

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