Aquarius and Aries

Aquarius and Aries want to change the world. 

Aquarius and Aries pairings mix air and fire with the drive for world domination. The mental rapport is off the charts. Is the sex?

Mutual ranting unites this pair with a fantastic mental rapport. Because the rapid flow of ideas, opinions, and cant exhilarate both. Aquarians’ out-there ideas thrill Aries and the Arian energy inspires Aquarians to high-octane originality. Together, this is one of those “it” couples that others just love to be around. But only in relatively short doses.

Aquarius and Aries are united by a spectacular knowledge of what is good for the masses. And, between them, they know everything worth knowing.

This can easily be a mutual adoration society. Or it could be an emotional battlefield of temperament and ego. They find that they excite each other on all levels. But only if they can stop talking long enough to indulge other basics.

Aquarians in love fancy themselves as being fantastically easy to please. After all, they desire only best friendship, euphoric romance and mental rapport (which Aries provides).

It’s fair to say, the inability to nail down Aquarians to a single viewpoint could look flaky to Aries. Aries says “respect me” and Aquarius says “earn it.” Futhermore, the Ram’s pomp and bombast can infuriate the more elegant Aquarian.


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