Aquarius and Capricorn

Are Aquarius and Capricorn right for each other? Can the red hot radical Aquarius find compatibility with the moderate, conservative Capricorn? Let’s look at the ins and outs of these two close, but near opposite, signs.

The Capricorn ethos is to maintain the status quo. They have been doing this for millennia and are very good at it. However, the Aquarian raison d’être is to highlight what’s wrong with the world. And by living about five years in the future, show the masses a better way of living. Aquarians are antilogging activists, vegans, or committed to an out loud politically active gay life.

They are walking poster kids for their own belief systems. They are the last of the red hot radicals.

On the other hand Capricorns want security, sex, money, and power as soon as possible, and they don’t care where or how they have to shut their mouths in order to get it. Shocked Aquarians are surprised that these things are even issues to someone.

Aquarians in love think of themselves as being super easy to please because they seem to desire only best friendship, euphoric romance and, of course, mental rapport.

Aquarians say “think outside the box” and Capricorns say “inside the box is where my bonus and corner office are at. l like the box.” The big bonus of the Aquarius and Capricorn relationship is in what each “alien” can teach the other. They can learn that ideals are able to coexist with material gain and Capricorns can learn a new way of thinking. If they can just refrain from calling the police first.

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