Aquarius and Gemini

Aquarius and Gemini – a potentially mindblowing combination. Emphasis on the mind. It’s intellectual and communicative, inside and outside the bedroom. 

Aquarians are deep and Geminis are shallow? 

Well, so what? Actually, sometimes Gemini People make more sense with their glibness than Aquarians do with their ponderous drivel. This is certainly the relationship that can drag Aquarians into the real world. Aquarius People can have problems with self-doubt and lowered expectations. Geminis shatter this problem with their shallow belief in superstars and with simply adoring their partner.

The Aquarian says “my play isn’t working” and the Gemini says “you are just so brilliant!”

This is one of the best pairings ever. If there’s a physical or mental connection at first meeting, things could click forever. There may as well be nobody else present at whatever arty-farty thing these two meet at.

Despite the glib versus deep differences, Aquarius and Gemini are fast and inventive thinkers who are driven spare with people who think slowly or make statements of the obvious. They will never, ever bore each other which is important to both of them.

Both prefer amusement to honesty. The bonus points are that neither sign can abide by horny displays of public touching. These are two people who trust one another not to start groping in the box office queue.

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