Aquarius and Leo

Early warning for this Aquarius and Leo relationship: Leos care very deeply about their hair. Yet, Aquarians often have better hair than Leos.

Aquarians make the mistake of thinking that this is so superficial that it couldn’t possibly impinge on an adult relationship. But even cynical Aquarians should be on the lookout for weird hair dynamics in the relationship. These two signs are officially opposite one another in the zodiac, and a happy union has to reflect this.

Aquarians are rebels who often decide to transcend the official reality.

But Leos want to be so accepted by the official reality that they are honoured in public. When Aquarians think of people, they think ignorant suckers, while neo Leos think people are the adoring masses thumping on the tinted windows of the stretch limo.

Leo may be happy entertaining some society dentist, while Aquarians are going on about amalgam fillings causing mercury poisoning. Aquarians don’t want to be a brand soldier fulfilling some fashion corporation’s marketing plans. But Leo is a logo showcase scene stealer.

Overall, Aquarius and Leo are as far apart as two signs can get but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for a spectacular union. They just have to find the right shared reality.

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