Aquarius and Libra

The Aquarius and Libra couple everyone wants at their soirees or on the board but who knows what fuqery is going on behind closed doors. Aquarius and Libra are two of the most insanely compatible signs in the zodiac.

However, both are air signs and thus basically compatible on all levels. Unlike some of the more crass earth signs, Libra isn’t going to drive an Aquarius mad by crawling around shrieking for sex all the time. Money, dinner parties, and resort holidays? Well, that’s another story! Librans stimulate Aquarians and stretch their already wide horizons while Aquarians inspire Libran creativity.

But they should ensure that one doesn’t always play muse to the other’s artistic genius.

Is there potential for misery? It is slight, but it is there. Libra can dither, driving the more certain Aquarian mentality to distraction. An enjoyable debate with a Libran can confuse an Aquarian because Libra will argue anything, without any actual beliefs.

Aquarian rebels could also be left cold by the Libran desire to socialise and be liked. Aquarians don’t need applause or even to inspire envy to be happy. The secret bond between Aquarius and Libra in love? Aquarians are closet snobs and the Libran elitism allows them to live it all vicariously.

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