Aquarius and Pisces

Despite untold similarities between Aquarius and Pisces, there is one huge difference. Aquarians are low maintenance and the Piscean is high maintenance. The one big issue with Aquarius and Pisces is their contrasting need for space. Aquarius does, and Pisces prefers not to.

Pisceans need their lovers to be a combination of a life coach, courtesan, doting servant, and best friend for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They give back, of course. But this kind of hyper-relationship is not for everyone, especially not Aquarius. Aquarians are so enlightened and understanding that they just want to let people be.

So when the Piscean storms off to a “silent” retreat just to get some attention, Aquarians are likely to wave a fond farewell and wish their Fish lots of serenity.

But there are plenty of points of compatibility. Both signs are perennially misunderstood by people in general and both exhibit frequent flashes of everyday genius. Additionally, neither is a popular culture pleb but is a fastidious, rigorous individual.

To make it work? Aquarians need to get cozy with the Fish and try to become more doting. The Fish has to be less clingy and less needy. Hint: get some domestic help as soon as possible.

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