Aquarius and Virgo

Aquarius and Virgo in love have extremely contrasting perspectives. They see things in unique and diverse ways. Aquarians look at a bunch of trees and see a forest and Virgos see the mess that all those leaves are making.

This is a case of big picture people (Aquarius) versus small detail (Virgo) types. If they don’t at first drive one another sensationally insane, the Aquarius and Virgo union could be a beautiful relationship. Both are signs operating on raw brainpower who’ll initially bond over how smart they both are. Furthermore, they’re both readers and culturally literate. Just don’t expect any intellectual conclusions to match.

As a duo they’ll love applying their razor intellects to films that don’t measure up. Aquarians see the themes and feel of the movie and the tiny continuity problems twist Virgos out of shape.

Aquarians see their intellectual life as something that connects to everything else and Virgo just sees Aqua’s clothes on the floor. But Virgo is a champion guilter and Aquarians don’t know what guilt is.

Aquarius and Virgo sex? The grubby earth signs find it hard to slow their considerable sex drives down for the more torpid air sign libido. This partnership has a chance. If humour can salve the differences. However, the burden for the laughs will be shouldered by Aquarius.

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