Aries and Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius are crazily attracted to each other right off the bat. It’s a stimulating, dynamic relationship. Aries has an ultra-low boredom threshold and Aquarius has never really bored anyone.

Infuriated, yes. Aquarius loves Aries’ energy, verve, and originality. Aries gets off on Aquarian detachment, a constant challenge for the Ram’s conquest-oriented romantic nature. Especially coupled with the Aquarian intellect. Each loathes nostalgia. Aries lives in the now and Aquarius outdoes by living in the future.

They are both exhilarated by each other. Aquarius absolutely relishes the Aries love of debate. And they both love it when the other disagrees. As the Ram is so inordinately proud of their oratory skills, they like to practice them with the occasional state-of-the-relationship rant.

Aries may tire of the Aquarius lack of sentiment, requiring grandiose shows of affection in order to fuel the insatiable Ram ego. Aquarius gets sick of having to say,

“yes, your biceps really do look particularly awesome today. You are such an incredible being.”

Aries suspects that Aquarius sneakily considers themselves the genius of the couple. This rankles the Ram. It can take a while for Aries to find a suitable life partner. However, they do become less obnoxious with time.

Both are idealists, longing to create a brighter, shinier world. If utopia can start at home and Aquarius can learn to gush more, these two are a neo-duo.

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