Aries and Aries

Aries and Aries are highly energised and highly competitive. The relationship is more of a game than a project and each wants to win.

Forget about Yin and Yang. This duo is Yang and Yang. Together they have a high burn rate. Money, dull people, careers that fail to thrill, second chances, and the carpet (from all that frenzied pacing). Both are comfortable with a high-energy style of life.

Aries finds Aries utterly stimulating and diverting. They understand each other only too well, able to grasp the other’s genius yet empathise with their lover’s suddenly-not-so-secret insecurity.

Each is capable of revving the other up to new heights of positivity, achievement, and/or stupidity. Neither is utterly comfortable with overt vulnerability from the other.

With Aries folk likely to freak out at what they see as weakness, a double Aries relationship can become a show of strength and hype, as Ram One vies with Ram Two for top place.

The good news is that once captured, Aries in love go over the top in establishing a thrilling and fulfilling ongoing love affair. They are closet true romantics.

Everyone who has ever lived under an Aries-archy knows that the Ram has to be understood. Those who don’t are either disloyal or mentally defective.

Aries foreplay? Boasting, of course.

Love lingers longer when both parties silence the super egos and act in tandem. A nonstop flow of unctuous flattery lubricates the liaison, making it less likely to wilt under the glare of each Rams’ spotlight. Each takes turns playing rowdy cheer squad for the other.

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