Aries and Cancer

Aries and Cancer live in different periods of time. Aries loves the future and is a bonafide live-in-the-now character and Cancer lives in the past. Can the fire and water signs make it work in love?

Crabs deeply revere tradition, background, and the past. Aries abhors nostalgia and sees Cancer sentiment as mawkish. Crab cries. Or worse, power sulks. Aries culls friends when the link no longer fulfils.

Crab cherishes ye olde friends and all forms of memorabilia. Aries rants and Crab guilts. lck? Maybe not. Secretly, Aries envies Cancer’s emotional intelligence and the ability to bond with others. Crab loves the way the Ram’s bolshiness remedies their tendency toward defeatism.

If Crab agrees to get rid of some mouldy old heirloom bed, a lot of issues can be worked through in the sack.

Aries has to honour Crab sensitivities. For example, Aries must accept that their lover might need counselling just to throw out an old bus ticket. And let Crab run the photo album!

Crab ideally moderates the mood swinging and learns to just love the demonstrative Aries nature, which is fully capable of annihilating any Cancer doubts.

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