Aries and Leo

Friends line up for tickets to the clash of the giant superegos. Aries and Leo make fabulous friends but what about as a romantic couple? How do they work as two fire signs, in and out of the bedroom?

Aries and Leo are instantly drawn by one another’s brilliance, beauty, and success potential. But neither can believe the vanity of the other. The egos take over and have their own hot mini-relationship within the love affair at large. Upstaging one another is what Aries and Leo do best.

“Now, can we talk about me?” can become the dominant motif of conversation. Fun, work, business, pleasure, and bedwork mesh into power coupling once the egos are in amicable agreement.

Aries understands that, okay, the Leo is a more pompous creature than the Ram and declines to point out occasions when the “emperor is naked.”

Or too fat for the skinny jeans. Leo lets Aries in love win arguments, chess and tennis. The duo decides either to be aroused by bouts of competitive flirting with others to prove which one is more popular or to ditch the game altogether.

Each agrees on basic lifestyle tenets. The motto that keeps them together is “more is more.”

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