Aries and Libra

Aries loves Libra and Libra loves Aries, often at first sight and sometimes forever. They instantly attract one another. It can be a sizzling hot romance, as long as they give each other enough space.

Each sees in the other something they want. Libra longs for Ram’s self-assuredness and confidence. Aries would like to be as suave, charming, and socially desirable as Libra. Each also has a unique capacity to irk the other. The Rams think they are the official template of perfection, with everything else being a bizarre deviation.

Aries in love are precious about their tastes. Librans actually have taste. Libra has an astute awareness of other people’s points of view. Aries thinks “so what?” Libra plays devil’s advocate; Aries gets angry at the lack of loyalty. Libra is passive-aggressive. Aries is aggressive-aggressive.

In Aries and Libra utopia, Aries learns to adore Libran fairness, letting it enhance the Ram’s life.

Libra agrees to honour the gargantuan Ram ego so long as Libra can throw out the Ram’s substandard t-shirts, furniture, friends, and ambitions. Epic if they can stick to their roles and not let it degenerate into soapy psychodrama.

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