Aries and Pisces

Aries is Yang and Pisces is Yin. Aries and Pisces mix fire and water, making a lot of hot steam. These two signs can be magnetically attracted but does that mean they won’t see eye-to-eye?

Aries thinks Pisces is happy to get whooshed up in the jet stream of Aries genius. But Pisces only plays at being weak. Pisces’ vulnerabilities are overt, evoking Aries’ protective urges.

Pisces refines the often too-broad sensibilities of the Ram. The Fish heals the hurt, satisfies Aries’ bedwork urges, and will never ever trash Aries’ dreams. It can be a knight-in-shining armour-with-pretty-princess kind of relationship so long as it is understood that Aries is in charge.

At least, that’s how it must appear. Nobody must suspect that Pisces is, in many ways, directing Aries. But Pisces vies with Gemini for being the most sneaky and cunning sign of the zodiac, two traits the Ram deplores. Pisces tells a lie for the sake of it, just to embellish something into a far more interesting tale. Aries gets angry and launches into a two-hour rant.

Pisces shifts into “there, but not there” mode. They think Aries raving about respect is so dull.

Ideally, Aries in love should learn to harness harsh carping. Once Pisces learns that Aries thinks the truth is literally beauty, these two can end up bonding beautifully.

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