Aries and Scorpio

Aries and Scorpio are highly attracted to each other sexually, but their styles and approach can be radically different. Sex brings them together and sex can keep them apart.

Scorpio says “nuh” to the Ram’s “ram-bam” style of sexuality. The Ram doesn’t quite trust the Scorpio interest in lengthy sensual “explorations.” Aries finds Scorpio very fascinating, like a character in a cult movie only without helpful subtitles.

Scorpio’s strange hobbies, conspiracy theories, and never-ending lists are an interesting contrast to the Ram’s simplicity. But Aries in love is incapable of bearing a grudge. Aries forgets before they’ve even had a chance to think about forgiveness. Scorpio compiles a dossier detailing slights and hurts. The Ram can’t stand that Scorpio wants to have secrets. Scorpio could at least pretend to have told all.

And then there’s the Scorpio innuendo: Aries sits at the lunch, drumming fingers impatiently on the table, snarling “get to the point.”

Scorpio spins out the moment, like a spider playing with a fly, until Aries gets fed up and storms off. Love stays longest when each truly admires the other’s genius.

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