Aries and Virgo

Aries worships the holistic coolness of Virgo. Aries and Virgo have very different ideas about how to think and do. It’s a constant contrast until they learn the secret of making it work.

And Virgo adds a whole new dimension to Arian thought power. Virgo loves how the Ram waves away doubts and objections, making Virgo’s life feel so much more open and imbued with possibilities. Yet Aries makes things happen. In their minds love doesn’t conquer all, conquest conquers all.

Virgo explains exactly why they can’t happen yet. The Ram does and Virgo complains. Love thrives when Virgo learns that the Ram’s brilliance is not meant to be analysed into less than zero. And then Ram has to tackle the martyrdom of St Virgo. The Ram’s temper is like a summer storm and if Virgo tries to put the guilt trip on Aries, it won’t work.

Each person’s genius is so enhanced by the other’s, it can be worth indulging in roleswitching.

Let Virgo rave about their impossible dream while Aries balances the books and compares mobile phone plans. This relationship requires constant adjustments and fine tuning to ensure it remains on course, tracking toward true compatibility.

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