Pisces and Aries

It’s lucky Pisceans are so good at looking enraptured and pretending to listen when it comes to Pisces and Aries together.

Aries’ do go on and on and on. All about themselves, of course. Boasting is a form of foreplay for them. What to do? If this Aries and Pisces relationship has the basic goods, then Pisces will already know that it’s one worth hanging onto. Aries totally gets the Pisces’ fresh start mentality. And is excited by their ability to cull a few friends and just move on.

Aries is one of the few signs that will not only listen to a Piscean’s wilder or more ambitious dreams, but will actively support them. Pisceans love to have nuanced and multi layered conversations. Or, sometimes, confessions.

When Aries action meets Piscean genius, things happen. Fanatical about loyalty, the Ram will also meet the Fish’s need for total trust. Aries ranting is the price paid. Bear in mind that the classic Aries pattern, not unlike the Piscean’s, is to madly slut around in early youth and then become the paragon of committed respectable relationship.

Hmm… this might just work as a compatible relationship. Very important hint: Pisceans ought to be tactful about some of the Ram’s Don Quixote style follies. The Fish says “windmill tilting” and the Ram says “expedition.”

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