Cancer and Aquarius

Crab runs on emotion, Aquarius on logic. Cancer and Aquarius mix water and air, emotions and logic. Can they find common ground in the massively mixed signals?

Compared to Cancer, Aquarius is a different sort of life form. But both share strong psychic powers and a belief in alternative realities. Canny Cancers would do well to harness the Aquarian trend spotting powers in their business. Aquarius madly needs Crab’s emotional intelligence to balance their over-reliance upon “logic.”

Crab benefits from Aquarian’s objectivity. Aquarius is mega-inspired by the Cancer’s mere presence. Cancer’s sensuality helps Aquarius appreciate that sex is more than some kind of a political construct.

Aquarius can rebel against their often straitlaced approach to life, especially career and celebrations that Crab feels have to be traditional. Aquarius runs away from anything obligatory or involving “manufactured sentiment.” Crab is usually organising it.

Any bash that celebrates someone simply existing becomes a massive, teary extravaganza when put in the hands of the Cancer.

The photo collections of these mawkish events have their own albums. Cancer says “I feel.” Aquarius says, “I know,” as in “belt up.” Shared interests, especially political beliefs or creative projects, bind this duo together, healing all differences.

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