Cancer and Aries

Cancer and Aries are contrasting signs. The crab being soft and feeling whereas the Ram is hard and independent. Can they find a place for love with each other when Cancer is over-sensitive and the Ram is undersensitive?

But neither side cares. At first. This coupling often starts with a “racing off at the party” dynamic. Nobody can believe the overt longing and groping that these two perform. The sensual bond is present and correct. The merde hits the fan as soon as the Crab demands that their emotions be more honoured. Aries is the original one-minute navel-gazer.

“I’m with you, aren’t I? What’s your problem?”

Crab has many problems with this approach. Aries’ ranting about possibly mad career policies infuriates slow and steady Crab. Crab has a holistic view of requirements for the good life such as comfort, understated luxury, and reverence for the past.

Aries loathes any form of nostalgia and fantasises about one perfect Ferrari, even if it does have to be parked outside their post office box. What to do? Cancer in love agrees to help boost the Ram’s ego, ideally on every half hour basis.

The Ram really gets that Cancer should be allowed to take most of the lead on anything requiring emotional intelligence.

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