Cancer and Cancer

Cancer and Cancer together can be amazingly compatible especially on an emotional level. They can seem like they are meant for each other. But there are a few issues. Lucky these two are both so emotionally articulate and in touch with their feelings for this relationship brings up a lot of them.

Crab and Crab are ultra-compatible in that they are obviously similar and have no issues with understanding what each other is on about. Each feels the other’s pain and bliss. Each is well equipped to go there and deal with it. Both are nostalgic and into cocooning at Crab’s home.

Cancer in love are deeply romantic creatures. The Duke of Windsor abdicated his throne for the love of Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee (and Gemini!) whom he could not have married as a king.

However, problems arise if both want to play a parenting role in the relationship, or when one of them starts guilting. Crab One is found gazing wistfully into the mirror, a little tear tracking down that radiant complexion.

“No, nothing is wrong,” simpers Crab One tremulously. “Nothing at all… really.”

This kind of carry on can work wonders with a Scorpio or even the doting Aries. But try it with Crab Two and those invisible guilting rays get beamed right back. This duo is so dynamic: sensually compatible and highly charismatic, caring, and compassionate.

Guilting and blame-storming should not be allowed to undermine the attraction in this relationship.

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