Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces bond instantly. Cancer and Pisces are a classically compatible love match, as all the textbooks will tell you. But are there any bumps in the road? 

Crab senses that Pisces could widen their horizons and they’re right. Pisces loves that Cancer really gets their joke. This can be one of the most compatible and enduring couplings of the zodiac. These two are an official item, sharing core values, humour, and a penchant for staying in bed together whenever possible.

Pisces sticks up for Cancer’s brilliance, easily recognising what less gifted souls can’t. Crab heals Piscean insecurities. Each is sensitive, eccentric, and sought after. Each feels this is true love, that the other may be the only person in the world they can ever truly relax with.

But Pisces is a wild child at heart and some of their more dysfunctional conduct can send Cancer into a spin.

No other pairing but this one can specialise in such extremes of saint/sinner carry on. Hint: It’s only when Crab refuses to cling or starts to guilt that Fish falls straight into line. And it’s only when Pisceans stop their mind games and recreational fibbing that the Crab is fully lured into this soulmate love affair.

When this happens, their bewitching and mutual psychic powers can be used to maximum advantage in both business and pleasure. The vibe can be good between these two, as long as Cancer doesn’t push the Piscean boredom switch.

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