Cancer and Taurus

Cancer with Taurus is a gooey, romantic combination, sure to fall head over heels given half a chance. There are some small caveats, but nothing that will stop the determined couple. Crab meets Cow and instantly relaxes.

Cow falls wildly in love with the Crab at more or less first sight. This romance receives a AAA ranked compatibility rating. You agree on practically everything and delight in one another’s company. Bedwork is bliss, values are so shared, and together these two create a cozy little cashmere comfort world apart. Cancer finds it challenging to separate mind from body. Often they can’t stand to be touched unless they feel loved and valued. However, sex opens their third eye and they need someone who will sit and listen to them.

Yes, Taurus can get irritated with Crab grizzling.

Taurus is a doer and has no time to waste sitting around whining about whatever they read in the paper that morning.

Crab wonders how Taurus can let so many subtle clues to character and people’s emotions not even register. Taurus frets at Cancer’s allure and penchant for attempting to mesmerise people, even though Crab is safe with Taurus. Taurus will definitely resent being made to play straight control freak with Cancer in love as wild-at-heart enfant terrible.

These are but small obstacles, easily surmountable by this enduring duo. While they quietly succeed in life, each comes to admire, fancy, and dote upon the other.

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