Cancer and Virgo

Falling in love? It’s natural. Even the most hyper-strung Virgoan grouch can become an object of crabby desire. Cancer and Virgo may be the match of the millennium. They go together, in and out of the bedroom. But are there any hitches? Here’s the full dossier about this water and earth sign duo.

In many ways these two are made for one another. They fall deeply in love, creating a whole new version of life in the process. Cancer loves that Virgo is so smart and funny. Virgo loves Crab’s finely tuned emotions.

Each desperately fancies the other and together they score sensual fulfilment beyond belief.

Cancer in love must learn to keep their sanity in the face of Virgo anxiety. Virgo should get that Crab needs comfort and serenity, not Virgo ranting on about the state of the baseboards or having a 3 a.m. whine session about some minor workplace psychodrama.

Crab ideally understands that Virgo is (a) analytical rather than emotion based and (b) likes a good laugh. Each has to join forces to combat mutual hypochondria, guilting, and corrective nagging.

Cancer and Virgo can be a long haul success machine, each happy to do what it takes for personal utopia.

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