Capricorn and Aquarius

To be honest, a Capricorn and Aquarius relationship requires more slog than most. Capricorn and Aquarius mix tradition with rebellion, pragmatism with wildly zany outlooks. But it can work, in and out of the bedroom.

The Capricorn modus operandi is to figure out the rules of whichever society they find themselves in. And then to excel at them! The Aquarius seeks out the status quo in order to stuff it up. A Capricorn is a highly skilled political animal, adept at corporate game playing, power-socialising and business. The Aquarius has no idea how to do anything except buck the system.

Capricorns say “I use.” Aquarians say “I abuse.”

The erratic Aquarian behaviour means it is hard to take them any place designed to be serious. Capricorns can be bored senseless with Aquarian rants about the Capricorn’s coveting of a mink coat, new digital television set, and dietary regimes. The Aquarius won’t listen to a word of the Goat Person’s hard-won wisdom.

Why? Because, despite all evidence, Aquarians think they know it all. It would be nice to say that sex is an ameliorating factor, but guess what? The Aquarian sex drive is about as strong as the Capricorn’s innate sense of anarchism. If nothing else, you give each other a lot of wry laughs.

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