Capricorn and Cancer

If this Capricorn and Cancer relationship doesn’t degenerate into emotional sadomasochism right away, it has a wonderful chance of success. They can work in love if you get past the initial polar opposite issues.

The Goat and the Crab Person are astrological opposites with completely distinct core competencies. Capricorns are traditionally more worldly and adept with success, while Cancer is more at home in the realm of feelings. They are interested in doing the emotional work of a relationship and creating a cozy nest for the Goat Person. It sounds like an antique gender role division, but it need not be.

Yes, Cancer has more emotional wisdom than Capricorn, and the Goat’s pragmatic mind benefits from Crab intuition.

But remember that Cancer is also amazingly canny with money and investments. This is one of the couples most likely to be prosperous. It’s just that healthy, wealthy, and insane is probably not the ideal lifestyle.

Capricorn and Cancer need to ensure that they thrive together by benefiting from the differences. Capricorn can provide emotional as well as material security for the Crab. In return, Capricorns can demand that Crabs stop saving string. And Goats can stop calling their partner paranoid.

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