Capricorn and Capricorn

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Capricorn with Capricorn is an extremely popular combination for couples. 

Why? Perhaps it takes a fellow Goat Person to make another feel truly at peace? Capricorns do, after all, have a lot in common. They’re always on heat and see sex as a performance sport. Plus, they are always on the make, and both Goats tend to improve with age. That’s right. Unlike other signs whose beauty and/or accomplishments can peak early, Capricorns in love are in it for the long haul.

They may not be the cutest young couple in the room, but they’ll shine as the most sophisticated, mature duo.

These partnerships can quietly plot a pleasant future. If an issue is to blight Capricorn’s home, it will most likely have to do with conflicting ambitions or perceived laziness.

What a classically popular pairing. These two mature, pragmatic earth signs can get on so well. Unless… domination can be the issue.

Capricorns can be so hard on other Capricorns. And they must ensure that career or business considerations do not creep into what ought to be quiet, nesting moments. Scheming in tandem is a favourite romantic pastime for this pair but they should also attempt some form of lovelorn cliché for best results.

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