Capricorn and Gemini

The Capricorn in this combination may have got onto the one sign of the zodiac that isn’t going to call them cold and unfeeling. Capricorn and Gemini can be highly compatible, in the boardroom or bedroom as long as they watch the pitfalls.

Because by the weird standards of Gemini, the Goat is warm and giving. These two may bring out the worst in each other but the compatibility rating is very high. Gemini likes Capricorn’s competent, corporate-sharky air of amorality. It turns them on and, before they know it, they’re embroiled in a hot romance. Accept that it’s all work and sex play.

Capricorns are not used to being so intrigued by anyone. And they can often struggle to ensure that they’re the dominant player in the relationship.

Tips for Goats: Show too much devotion too soon with a Gemini and it’s all off. Don’t struggle! Gemini gets off on insouciance. Be amusing because Geminis have the lowest boredom threshold of all and they will swap mental stimulation for security any time.

Capricorn banging on about banks or the tax department night after night won’t do it for Gemini. Don’t fence them in. Just as Capricorns can’t stand turgid emotional scenes, the Gemini loathes being asked what they’re up to.

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