Capricorn and Libra

Do Capricorns and Libras really want to go here? Capricorn and Libra have some dazzling elements in common. But can they really get along? The earthy Capricorn may be horrified by the airy Libra’s approach to spending, for example.

Yes, the Libran beauty is eye-catching and their charm lures even jaded old Goat People. But this is fated to be tricky, even if it is fulfilling. Librans are quite capable of using darling Capricorn to engineer their social-astronauting plans.

Librans (just as Capricorns do) take social life seriously. It’s a kind of extension of their career. It is not enough to merely relax and catch up with a few old friends. One is either on or off form, and one is either entertaining or not.

If Libra and Capricorn can agree on who is and isn’t desirable socially, it can be an extremely fulfilling relationship.

The catch? Well, there’s the Libran craving for frivolity, which somehow always involves money and the spending of it. Sadly, the average Libran is perfectly happy to sacrifice long-term gain for short-term comfort, something that infuriates all Capricorns that ever lived.

Capricorns are lusty and romantic creatures but heaven help the person who fails to meet the expectations of a Capricorn that they are living with. If the Libran actually had a libido it could all be worked out in bed. But they don’t… unless they’re seducing someone else’s husband or wife.

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