Capricorn and Scorpio

Capricorn and Scorpio can be an amazing pair, falling for each other fast and hard. The only caution is to tread lightly where the other’s feelings are concerned. Capricorns fall fast for Scorpios. And the Scorpio, though not letting on, tends to be smitten instantly with the Goat.

This is a love match in the making: Capricorns adore the fixed intensity of the Scorpio gaze as well as the certainty about practically everything. Scorpio loves the Capricorn worldliness and the way they seem to manipulate systems to suit themselves. Which, of course, Scorpios can’t resist knowing all about. On the physical level? The answer is yes.

Mentally and emotionally, this duo needs to be aware of tramping on one another through being so similar.

This affair needs to install an objective third person trusted to be the paranoia monitor. And whose decision must be abided by. Either that, or both must vow not to accuse one another of flirting, or undermining the other’s career, ten times a day. But smart Capricorns know how to perform relationship crisis management, thankfully.

These two can dominate the sex and money space in any social scene. Not everyone loves the Capricorn Scorpio duo, but everyone is scared of them.

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