Capricorn and Taurus

Capricorn and Taurus can be one of the best astrological couplings of all. Capricorn and Taurus pairings can be the sexiest ones alive. Not only are they very physical and grounded, but they also want to be the best for each other.

The Capricorn and Taurus pair dilute one another’s less appealing foibles and evokes the absolute best. They’re loving, supportive, and productive. Taurus adores Capricorn’s strength and ambition. While Capricorns appreciate the centred stability of their Taurus. Both are keen on prosperity, harbouring no illusions about the slog required to reach umpteen goals.

Neither is averse to forgoing short term goals to help bring about a far more desirable outcome.

Who needs French fig-scented candles or a flashy stereo now, when they can organise a nifty little joint property portfolio for later? If there are any problems with this often meant to be relationship, it will be early on as they experiment with annoying one another.

Capricorns really like to test the quality of someone’s devotion. But once officially bonded, they’ll get down to making money and staying healthy. Another blessing: Capricorn and Taurus are hugely compatible sensually. Even when disagreeing on some stock options, they’ll always be able to resolve matters in the sack.

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