Gemini and Aquarius

Talking is the motif of this relationship. Gemini and Aquarius communicate like a house on fire. Which impresses anyone within hearing distance with their amazing rapport. What does it take for these two to hook each other?

These two are seekers, philosophers, and critics. They bond over shared opinions and insights. Gemini in love is used to having to dull down. Because Geminis are so good at masking their “real emotions” with smart quips, they assume everyone else is pretty much the same.

Aquarius lifts their game quick smart. People often dismiss Gemini as wayward. Or even wicked.

Meanwhile, Aquarius wonders whether Gemini is not too straight for their tastes. Gemini likes hard-to-get lovers and Aquarius is almost impossible. Each hooks into each other. Gemini, who is genuinely a person of the people, may be irked by Aquarian snobbery.

The Gemini traits of changing their mind about everything and playing “devil’s advocate,” really annoys Aquarius.

However, bedwork, socialising, brilliant career, and values generally all come together in glorious synergy. Moreover, each likes to bait the other. Flirty Gemini should know that loyal Aquarius is easily hurt by flirtation, no matter how casual, and despite the official Aquarian approval of “free love.”

In short, given trust, Aquarius gives Gemini the necessary space and true liberation of the mind.

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