Gemini and Aries

Few lovers relish Gemini genius, wit, and speed as much as Aries. Gemini and Aries rank high on the compatibility scale, creating a dynamic and powerful coupling.

Each magnifies the other’s core traits, making for fun in both business and pleasure. Aries and Gemini each get off on life. Neither is bored. Okay, so Gemini is more sensually inventive than the hardcore and energetic but unimaginative Ram.

Aries won’t take kindly to Gemini in love suggesting any “funny stuff.” And Gemini’s idea of a decent love affair is when Gemini gets to zoom off for the weekend, with maybe a little bit of flirtation, some kinky innuendo or maybe not, and return to a rapt reception from the Ram.

Well, ha ha. Aries likes their partner to abide by the laws of the Aries-archy and that does not include much of a need for space.

Who on earth would want to be away from the shining light that is Aries? Gemini might after a few blasting rants from the Ram. A teaser at heart, Gemini may not be willing to put in the full-on ego-maintenance work that Aries requires.

Once these issues are resolved, Aries and Gemini bond in bliss forever.

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