Gemini and Cancer

Gemini and Cancer have contrasting goals. Where Gemini wants transformation, stimulation and uncertainty, Cancer wants warmth, closeness and security

Crab People value tradition, comfort, and security. Gemini values change, excitement, and romantic challenge and life in hyper-flux. Gemini doesn’t mind the idea of feelings but sees no need to spell everything out or make huge emotional statements. Crab is attached, whereas Gemini is detached.

Maddening and elusive, Geminis are in high demand among those who like a challenge. Always demanding space, they
oscillate between clingy and ratty.

If there is a chance of lightening up a turgid scenario via the funny comment, Gemini makes it. If Crab can escalate an emotional situation, Crab will. Crabs have a penchant for emotive scenes which bores Gemini senseless. And, once bored, Gemini will disappear no matter what kind of guilting the other party turns on.

Cancer thinks Gemini is out of touch with emotion.

This duo works best when one party has a personal planet in the other’s sign so the Gemini has, for instance, Venus in Cancer giving them an “in” to the other. And Crab has Mercury in Gemini, tuning them into the Gemini reality and need for excitement.

This accomplished, each is a constant light in the life of the other.

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