Gemini and Capricorn

Go-go Gemini meets apparently coldhearted Cap and decides it’s a cool summon to contest. Gemini and Capricorn find each other quite the challenge. The alignment is natural. But when they make it work, it’s spectacular.

Gemini loves that Capricorn doesn’t care if they’ve been flouncing about town all night, just so long as standards are kept up. Capricorn doesn’t care about Gemini amorality. Capricorn loves Gemini’s wit and charm. They agree on a laissez faire policy about certain aspects of intimacy.

But Capricorn deplores sloth and slackers and admire those who can function within a corporate environment, create correct goal-setting mechanisms, and get their life together.

Gemini thinks Capricorn should just get a life.

So Gemini is spared clingy, needy emotional scenes but forced to shape up fast, to satisfy the Cap needs for security and status. Capricorn likes structure. Gemini likes to question structure, at length, and in a long gossipy dialogue. Capricorn says, “What are you on about?” Gemini sneaks out to find kindred spirits.

But no matter. For ambitious Geminis (perhaps with planets in Taurus) who don’t mind Capricorn’s goose-gander philosophy, this is it.

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