Gemini and Gemini

A Gemini in love is a Gemini in denial. Gemini and Gemini are so light and flirty and talkative, you’d think they’d be a perfect match. But who will do all the feeling?

Each is so accustomed to avoiding anything resembling a real feeling that it is a miracle if this relationship even launches. Each would rather skid around the fact, pretending that nothing is going on. “Just good friends” is Gemini versus Gemini, refusing to honour the romance.

They can enjoy intrigue, secret crushes, and/or an impossible love affair. Ideally so impossible that it never actually happens.

But once bonded, this is a liaison of lust, stimulation, and nonstop amusement. Only a Gem can truly understand another. Neither is bored by the other although acquaintances could become jangled by the full-on Gem vibe created by these two in motion.

Each can hurt the other via the Gemini penchant for game-playing, flirting, and varying space requirements.

Neither is going to show a shred of emotion at the other’s carry-on. This combination at a loose end could be disastrous. one Mercury child is trouble enough, but a duo of them sounds like an opportunity for hurtful mind games to erupt.

A double Gemini team in exciting creative collaboration is often the best form of this duo. Ditto a scenario in which each agrees on how to maintain personal freedom and close loving.

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