Gemini and Leo

Gemini and Leo bring a lot to the party, emphasis on fun, games and creative sparks. But can they form an enduring commitment? There are four people in this relationship: two Geminis because their astrological symbol is the Twins, the Leo, and Leo’s ego.

Gemini must learn to get along with the Leo ego as well, and the only thing it respects is nonstop drooling, flattery, and respect. Awkward? You bet, but it can also be amazingly convenient. During a spat with Leo, Gemini need only appeal to the ego via a compliment about Leo’s hair looking beautiful tonight, and the ego instructs the Leo to shut up and make love. It’s pretty cool.

Leo loves Gemini trendiness (who are we kidding? Leo will copy Gemini trendiness) and social genius.

Gemini in love and the Lion make a good couple. Each finds endless amusement in the other’s presence, particularly if Gemini gives the right amount of worship they crave and the Lion learns to let Gem have their precious space.

The Leonine ego may not like it when Gemini glides out without Leo on some slender pretext but it is the only way to make this sizzling scenario pan out.

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