Gemini and Libra

This is traditionally one of the happiest couples of the zodiac. Gemini and Libra look great on paper! They score high on most compatibility tests. What are these two air signs really like, in and out of the bedroom?

Sensing a challenge, Libra falls instantly in love with Gemini’s speedy wit and glacial heart. In a relationship, Gemini and Libra are so mentally and physically compatible that one another’s company is sufficient. That is, as long as everything else in the relationship is vaguely functional. Each stimulates the other’s genius and inspires all those around them. If issues do arise they have to do with jealousy.

Gemini is used to being the most interesting person in any room and could wind up resenting the seemingly effortless Libran charisma.

Heaven help should Gemini start undermining by pointing out that behind every Libran butterfly is a messy and chaotic chrysalis. Subsequently, to retaliate, Libra will become even more charming and accomplished. This will make Gemini in love freak out.

Each must accept that this is a liaison of official heartbreakers, of two flirtatious people. Libra simply worships Gemini genius, good looks, and even the mysterious Gemini soul.

The world is full of half-bitter, half-still-besotted former lovers of Gemini. It’s ironic that the sign of the Twins, actually flourishes once they’ve found their soulmate. Which could just be Libra.

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