Gemini and Pisces

Gemini and Pisces are instantly drawn to each other. Gemini and Pisces have a lot in common. They are attracted to each other passionately, but do they past the soulmate test?

The air between them seems to scintillate. Gemini loves that Pisces doesn’t give a damn, just like them. Pisces appreciates that Gemini shares a fishy dual nature. Each feels they may have met their match in the madness and brilliance stakes.

They know how to give one another a good time in every respect. But Pisces needs nonstop romantic synergy and this relationship has the potential to degenerate into daytime soapie-style psychodrama. Gemini will stalk the room ranting and raving.

Pisces will writhe around grizzling about emotional responsibility.

Each is capable of lying their head off to protect their respective personal space. Each is charismatic and amorally inclined. The garden of love turns into a tangled web of intrigue. But both are so similar that, particularly given mental bonding and shared interests, this can be a beautiful and enduring partnership.

A Gemini looks at their emotionally tormented Pisces partner with a “this is such a bad TV show” expression. Sadly, once a Gem has decided that someone is boring to them they are casually ruthless.

But in Gemini and Pisces utopia, Gemini in love gives Pisces the reassurance they crave. Pisces stays a tad mysterious, not letting fishy insecurity cloy the Gemini soul.

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