Gemini and Scorpio

Once established, these guys become superbonded. Gemini and Scorpio are a mysterious couple from the outside, but together they can connect against the odds.

Sex and work bring them together. Addicted to one another in the sack, they pull together outside of it to score their strange version of the good life. Gemini glib charm and Mercurial mind are complemented by Scorpio’s deeper awareness of power-gaming.

Gemini absolutely adores Scorpio’s strength, willpower, and ability to inspire fear in others. Scorpio loves Gemini’s laconic cool, good looks, and knack of lightening up the darker Scorpio moods. Both are kind of self-reliant. Gemini is more spontaneous than Scorp, but once Gemini charms Scorpio into a scheme, Scorp stays loyal and supportive.

This is an alluring couple who, deep down, don’t really need anyone else.

Gemini could tire of Scorp possessiveness and rebel, making Scorpio withdraw into glacial disapproval. Scorp could become annoyed with a few too many quasi-legit money schemes and constant faxes from the Gemini’s accountant. Scorp thinks there are some things you stay straight about.

But once the “rules” are established, this relationship can go on for ages. What really binds these two together? Neither of them gives a genuine damn about what anyone else thinks.

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