Gemini and Taurus

These signs sit side by side in the zodiac, but how do they score as a potential love match? What wisdom for a Gemini hoping to fend off a Taurus? Just be yourself, dear.

Gemini perversity sends Taurus into a towering spin whereas Gemini shrugs. The Bulls says, “values” and Gemini says, “pass the remote.” There is a screwball-comedy aspect to this romance of being equal but different. Taurus turns mega straight to protect their Qi energy from Gemini flippancy. Gemini provokes the Bull.

Gemini flirts insanely. Taurus sanely sets up a loving and stable relationship. However, these two can come together: Taureans let themselves be mentally stimulated while Gemini in love finds peace in the gentle pastures of the Bull.

Gemini feels earthed and able to better appreciate life’s slower, more sensual pleasures.

Each provides something the other lacks and each can be most intrigued by the other. Ground rules should probably be established early. For example, Gemini should not move any Taurean possessions around the place.

Taurus should not begrudge our Gemini the mental, emotional, and physical space that they seem to need continually.

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