Gemini and Virgo

Gemini and Virgo are not the classic love match where they know what the other is thinking and have sizzling rapport right off the bat, but they can find ways to make it work.

Gemini wonders if Virgo has been sent to them as a karmic trial. Virgo suspects something similar. Virgo feels guilty and Gemini doesn’t give. Gemini ramps up the offensive behaviour in question especially when Virgo nags. The intellectual compatibility is immense and each adores the other’s rapid and analytical mind. Each is comfortable with the other’s level of neurosis.

Virgo loves helping Gemini through those 3 am flip-out sessions but won’t be so thrilled when Gemini refuses to get up so they can wash the sheets post-sex. Each is kinky, fluid, and flexible. Worldliness and low-boredom thresholds can keep them together in romantic bliss.

Virgo learns to be more spontaneous like a Gemini.

Gemini gets off on the Virgoan obsession with developing a workable system for living. Each, thankfully, loves a debate without too much bitching up of the feeling factor. But if the dynamic goes off the rails, and these two start showering one another with their worst excesses, they risk triggering Gemini’s desire to provoke and Virgo’s instinct to call the police.

Virgo will rarely embarrass the Gemini, in public at least. Virgo understands that corrective nagging is unlikely to win the Gemini heart, and so love blossoms.

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