Leo and Scorpio

Cue the cameras. The psychodrama begins. Leo and Scorpio are both fixed signs, set in their ways and cued for a dramatic clash. But it’s not all contrast with these two.

This is a duo that relishes the more theatrical variety of life. Neither is completely comfortable with a romance that has settled into habitual patterns. Both make excellent scenes. Scorpio is stubborn and Leo won’t move. Scorpio is so drawn to the Lion but wonders if they are slightly too shallow. Leo thinks Scorpio should tone down the intensity a little and maybe boof up the hair reality.

The Lion helps Scorpio to become less paranoid and more able to enjoy the good life.

Scorpio lets the Lion be more forgiving of those with flaws such as nerdy clothing, less-than-dazzling dinner repartee, or snuggle teeth and see into the person within. Scorpio provides insight into power dynamics, allowing Leo in love to become the player they secretly fantasise about being.

Each is so jealous and possessive but both secretly get off on ranting about it. Given boundaries and/or an exciting dynamic of collaboration, this pair creates an intoxicating and addictive personal reality.

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