Pisces and Leo

Pisces and Leo together isn’t a fatal attraction but it can get a bit toxic if care is not taken with dose. Pisces and Leo in love will take some careful handling, savvy awareness and ego tempering, Here’s what suits the Lion and the Fish and how they play well together…

Fish People have to be careful not to sacrifice themselves and their needs to stronger, bigger egos. Pisceans thinking about a big cat romantic experience should first observe the leonine super-ego at close hand. These people are quite capable of taking the Pisces’ brilliant idea and turning it into their genius.

Even weirder, Leo will genuinely have no idea that this is what has occurred.

But, of course, this can also be an absolutely gorgeous love affair. They’re both party people, wits, and connoisseurs of the good life. They play off one another to create an environment others yearn to be part of. Ideally, Pisces will need to convince Leo that the Fish ego needs to be coddled.

Once galvanised, the Lion King or Queen is steadfast, loyal, and capable of eternal pair bonding. Their flirting won’t really be any more ridiculous than the Piscean surreal attempts. And if Pisces sometimes feels like some kind of slave or sex object—well, quite a lot of Pisceans kind of like that.

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